Improving the Efficiency & Quality of Ambulatory Cardiac Care

Dedicated to Software as a Medical Device to Improve Efficiency and Quality of Ambulatory Cardiac Care

What Problem We Resolve

The majority of cardiac Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs) on the market don’t have access to the advanced technologies and solutions that the leading players possess. The solutions they can access have high false positives and lack integrability, which in turn causes low operational efficiency and excessive workload in manual scanning processes. Because of it, they have been struggling with the service quality and loss of market shares to more advanced competitors.     

What We Believe

At ZBeats, we believe that higher efficiency in care leads to a higher quality of care. Instead of aiming to entirely replace healthcare professionals, ZBeats focuses on complementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Intelligent Augmentation (IA) to reduce false positives, streamline workflows, and increase human productivity. Our commitment to providing ongoing technology and software R&D is designed to foster sustained growth and success for our customers.  

Our Mission

Facilitating cardiac IDTFs with a high ROI solution which is on par with or even outperform the leading players on the market, ZBeats mission helps our customers improve the service quality and regain market shares, that guarantee high ROI.

Our Innovation

Our innovation itself is to efficiently stay innovative by enabling machine to make the most of Human Intelligence.  Knowing the challenge that data collection & AI evolution in healthcare domain is costly & time consuming, ZBeats leverage our proprietary Active Learning Engine to utilize human intelligence more effectively than the traditional learning process. While increasing the scanning productivity, streamlined workflow & intelligent interactive tools are designed to minimize errors and possible uncertainties from human annotation.  

Our Solution

A complete medical-grade solution to cover full spectrum of ambulatory cardiac monitoring services, including Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) – CPT code 93229, Cardiac Event Monitor (CEM) – CPT code 93271 and Extended Holter (EH) – CPT code 93241, 93245.

ZBPro™, a vendor neutral, cloud-based SaMD for data analysis, annotation, report generation and monitoring. All our proprietary AI and IA components are incorporated in the software. The software detects common and advanced arrhythmias including Atrial Fibrillation & Atrial Flutter, Ventricular Arrhythmias, Bradycardic Arrhythmias, Tachycardiac Arrhythmias, and high-grade Atrioventricular Blocks.

ZBPatch™, a hardware sensor device as an option for our customers. It is a water-resistant single-lead patch sensor, which can support up to 14-day continuous recording in one full charge. It provides patients with more compliance and better integration with the ZBPro

Management Team

At the helm of ZBeats is CEO and Co-Founder Bin Fang Ph.D., applied mathematics major, with over 20 years of industrial experiences in quantitative finance innovation and a track record of successful team and entrepreneurial venture leadership. Peng Zhang Ph.D., our CTO and Co-Founder, applied mathematics major, brings a wealth of knowledge with over 25 years in AI technology research & development in various cardiovascular applications. Danny Benjamin, J.D., our CGO, has over 20 years of extensive business development and M&A experience globally. He previously worked as Senior VP BD at HealthPointe Solutions and Raytheon, and as M&A Strategy Officer at Burrow Global. Together, they steer ZBeats with a vision to increase our customers’ operational productivity through technological innovation.

Bin Fing, PhD
CEO, Co-Founder
Peng Zang, PhD
CTO, Co-Founder
Danny Benjamin, JD
Chief Growth Officer
Christopher Ford
VP of RA & QA
Yueming Liu, PhD
Chief Architect
Chanjuan Pan
Board Member & Financial Advisor
Drew Kumpuris, MD
Lead Clinical & Entrepreneurial Advisor
Loren Brink
CEO Advisor & Mentor
Paul Jones
Cybersecurity Advisor

Core Team Experts

Our core team comprises industry veterans who bring diverse and substantial expertise to the table. Our VP of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Affairs, Christopher Ford, has more than 35 years of regulatory experience with an impressive track record of a series of FDA 510(k) clearances, specifically in cardiovascular medical devices, and has hands-on current communication experience with the FDA. Yueming Liu, Ph.D., our Chief Architect, leverages his decades of experience in cloud architecture, software development, and cybersecurity management to lead the software technology architects in solving complex problems and designing architecture policies and guidelines to manage and guide the software engineering team. Chanjuan Pan, our preferred board member and financial advisor, has over 10 years of experiences in establishing and managing a venture, Camellia Venture Capital LLC, after her successful career in Renaissance Technologies LLC. Drew Kumpuris, MD, our lead clinical and entrepreneurial advisor, has 50 years of experience as Cardiology Specialist. As a widely known and respected community leader, he has served in diverse business and community boards and has held several distinguished academic and healthcare policy positions throughout his career. Loren Brink, the CEO-advisor and mentor, has over 30 years of experience in healthcare innovation and a proven track record of successful entrepreneurial ventures, including four high-profile exits and a NASDAQ listing. Paul Jones, the cybersecurity & CTO advisor, is a recognized expert in cybersecurity and AI. He brings a wealth of knowledge with over 25 years in investment banking technology. Together, they ensure that our venture fosters rapid and healthy growth and operational excellence.


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